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Loren Robin, Flip Flop CEO

Top 1% Realtor Shifts Her Focus

I loved being a broker. Connecting people to their dreams and helping families find new homes was a great feeling.

Plus, when I made a big sale, I earned a fabulous commission. But I couldn’t relax, because I was working all the time!

So despite my success, I decided to make a change.

Why would I leave such a successful real estate career? I wanted…
`To build a business on my own terms
`To earn a substantial and consistent income for many years to come
`To have a sense of real purpose in my work
`To be part of a thriving community
`To make the world a better place

I knew about network marketing because I’d sold houses to top marketers. Those clients had always struck me as very happy, relaxed, successful people. So I listened closely to many life-changing success stories and realized that network marketing fulfilled my dream job requirements.

Network marketing is a booming industry with substantial earning potential. You can realistically become a six-figure earner in less than five years. Even more importantly, that income is residual: year after year, your profit continues to roll in as the people you’ve helped become successful and continue to help others do the same.

Today, I’m free to run my business as I please. I’m only successful when I help other people become successful. I’m supported by a tremendous community of people all working to succeed through love.

When you align your career with your true purpose, you’ll never work another day in your life!

If you think about it, there’s a lot more risk in staying where you are than in taking a leap to reach for what you really want. Ask yourself this: Is what I’m doing today ever going to get me the time, freedom and income I deserve?

Let’s get started working on YOUR freedom!

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Loren Robin, Flip Flop CEO

Ask yourself, “Is what I am doing today ever going to get me the time freedom and residual income I deserve?” Listen closely to the thousands of life-changing success stories told throughout the network marketing industry. They are real. When you align your career with your true purpose, you’ll never work another day in your life!

Loren is truly the best of the best in the specialty real estate market. Her focus towards her customers in exceeding their expectations is fashioned after the Ritz Carlton values and standards of excellence. We are proud to partner with Loren and know that her genuine care for her clients and attention to detail is what sets her apart from everyone else

Craig Martin, General Manager & VP of Private Club Operations

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa – Jupiter, FL

As a professional golfer, I work hard to be at the top of my game so I appreciate that extraordinary quality of commitment and dedication in other professionals. Loren came highly recommended. Her marketing of our home was incredible and through Loren’s personal and professional relationships, she was able to secure a highly qualified buyer. My wife Wendy and I both agree Loren was nothing short of phenomenal.

Bruce Fleischer, PGA Senior Tour Golfer

Visit Loren’s Real Estate website: LorenRobin.info